Nove Zaklady Experimentalni Psychologie – Bretislav Kafka, 1946

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by Bretislav Kafka, 1946
Book Condition : Very Good

327 pgs. Quarto size (12 by 9 inch) hardcover with tan-colored cloth boards, dark burgundy almost black leather spine, raised bands, red leather label with marbled cardboard slipcase. Slipcase has suffered considerable wear, but is still wholly intact, with only minor wear to the book itself.

Czech. This is the work of the experimental parapsychologist Bretislav Kafka who, according to Ostrander and Schroeder in Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain, undertook some very unusual experiments on his subjects: things which no one would be allowed to do today. He also pioneered what later became known as remote viewing:

“… on June 18, 1925, Kafka and his psychics were in the town of Krasno nad Becva in Czechoslovakia. The expedition of Roald Amundsen was on its way to the North Pole. Kafka commanded his psychics to clairvoyantly see what was happening at the North Pole. ‘There’s a terrible fog and a strong wind at the Pole,’ they said. ‘No one from the expedition has gotten here yet. The storm is too severe to reach the Pole by air.’ On June 20 the Czechs heard the news. Amundsen had returned with one airplane without reaching the Pole.”

He also used his psychics to keep track of what was going on at the front during World War Two. He also reportedly kept one man hypnotized for three weeks and throughout that time fed him only on imaginary food. The result? – the man reportedly came out of it not only in the best of health, but had actually gained weight!

The text here is in what I believe to be the Czech language.

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