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Plant Lore, Legends, and Lyrics

by Richard Folkard, 1884
Book Condition : Fair


Hardcover First Edition – London: Sampson Low, Marston, Searle, and Rivington. Printed by Folkard and Son. First Edition, first printing, of the Folklore, Occult, and Mythology of Plants in exceptional binding, marbled green boards with ornamented and banded spine.

Leather in very good condition, gilt is pristine, front cover board is detached, but can easily be reached with the right expertise, handle with care.  Roughing to the extremities and corners, but otherwise excellent condition with a beautiful binding. Text is clean, pages bright, with only mild foxing on the outer edges of pages. 17 Illustrated Plates (Engravings) and many in-text illustrations. The original cover cloth, as well as the original spine, are bound here on two pages at the end of the book, to provide a nice touch. Vast majority of pages are completely clean, just a hint of occasional foxing near edges of just a few pages but very minimal. Tiny leather chip towards the bottom of spine, wear to extremities, leather rubbed on corners, but corners not bruised or bent.

Plant Lore Legends and Lyrics – Embracing the Myths, Traditions, Superstitions and Folk-lore of the Plant Kingdom.

“Apart from botanical science, there is perhaps no subject of inquiry connected with plants of wider interest than that suggested by the study of folk-lore. This field of research has been largely worked of late years, and has obtained considerable popularity in this country, and on the Continent. Much has already been written on the folk-lore of plants, a fact which has induced me to give, in the present volume, a brief systematic summary–with a few illustrations in each case–of the many branches into which the subject naturally subdivides itself. It is hoped, therefore, that this little work will serve as a useful handbook for those desirous of gaining some information, in a brief concise form, of the folk-lore which, in one form or another, has clustered round the vegetable kingdom.”

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Arbor De Magistro

By Nikolai Saunders, 2013
Book Condition : Fine


Fall of Man.  Magister Edition.  Bound in dark brown leather, with the Tree of the Master imprinted on the cover.  Finished with black end-papers and hand-sewed spine with a ribbon bookmark.  This is a deluxe copy without a wooden box.

Arbor de Magistro is the culmination of over a decade of intensive practical application. It is first and foremost a grimoire, a handbook for those seeking guidance into the realms of Aethyric evocation, but it also contains initiations. These initiations follow the premise that the Third Order work be devised by the Student. And, while anyone can proclaim themselves as a Magister, this book provides a glimpse into a formula devised based on an in-depth study of Thelema and Golden Dawn.

The system presented in this volume uses the Enochian Aethyrs, which are regions of consciousness making up the known universe. Traditional evocation does not utilize the Aethyrs, nor does classical Enochian make use of the circle and triangle of Art. In this system though the magician makes use of all these tools. The final goal behind Arbor de Magistro is to provide a new system of evocation fusing Enochian (Aethyrs) and Solomonic Magick (Goetia).